Home Sellers Advice

When you decide to sell your home, it is vital that you have a plan to do so. Drawing prospective buyers to your home will be easier if you do it with some strategic planning in advance. Your ability to make your home exceptional and unforgettable will give you an advantage over other comparative sellers; generating your highest profit will depend on this.

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Selling a home can be challenging and having it in show condition will be vital to a fast sale. Before the first potential buyer enters your home, make certain you yourself feel as if you would pay top dollar for your home. If buyers are going to make you an offer, they will want to see a home that they can move into with little else to do other than minor cosmetic changes.

Preparing Your Home to be Sold

You will be inviting buyers to your home that will scrutinize every detail so be sure it is spotless. A disorganized and untidy home will turn off any possible buyers and they will quickly look elsewhere. Before you list your home on the market, consider having it cleaned top to bottom by professionals. When homebuyers enter your home and it looks tidy and organized, the attraction will remain with them after they leave.

It can be helpful if you visit several new model homes and see how they are presented, how clean they are and the clear appeal they have. Your goal should be to make your home as attractive as a model home and it begins with a thorough clean up. You will only have a few minutes to impress a potential purchaser so prepare accordingly.

Making any small repairs required before you sell seems obvious but often something as small as a torn window screen or leaky faucet can make a difference. Any repairs that you know need to be completed should be fixed. If you know you have avoided making certain repairs within your home you should start with these first. Fresh paint and carpet replacements can add value to your home for a relatively inexpensive cost. A neglected home will only generate low offers and take longer to sell if it is priced too high.

Ask any real estate agent and they will say kitchens and bathrooms are important to homebuyers. These areas are special to a buyer and could have a make or break fascination when they are viewed. Food preparation and hygiene make these two areas personal to a potential buyer so they will inspect them carefully. If the kitchen and bathrooms are dated you can improve them by replacing some plumbing fixtures and adding modern hardware to cupboards and vanities. If a renovation is called for, spend as much as you can afford - purchasers will recognize quality and likewise inferior products and craftsmanship.

Be sure your homes exterior is in good condition and your yard is appealing. Simplicity in landscaping is the best route to follow and be sure your yard – front and back – is free of clutter. Touch up doors and window frames with paint, repair screen doors and power wash your driveway or resurface it. Tend to your pets and keep their areas clean – that goes for indoors as well.

Hiring Your Real Estate Agent

Hiring a capable REALTOR® is important to realize top dollar for your home. You want an agent that is active and full-time in the business and someone who has an excellent knowledge of the local market, specific to your neighborhood. You could ask for a reference from family or friends but it is crucial you feel comfortable with your choice of real estate representative. They should impress you with their marketing proposal and have a thorough understanding of Internet marketing skills since many buyers begin their search online.

Do not sign with a REALTOR® just because they provide the best listing price for your property. A skilled and professional REALTOR® will provide solid information and data to reinforce their evaluation of your home. If a home is priced to high, it will only languish on the market and be identified as having something wrong with it – usually it is the high price. A competent real estate specialist will provide an honest assessment of your property and then do their best to get you the highest selling price possible. Suzanne Would Be Pleased To Give A No Obligation Home Evaluation and Consultation.

Suzanne Bruinsma, REALTOR® | Real Estate In Cabo San Lucas | Email or Call:  909-266-0098