Buying A Home In Cabo San Lucas

You have made a decision to purchase a home and the excitement is building. Purchasing a property is one of the best methods for the average person to accumulate strong capital gains over time. The practicality of home ownership as an investment is self-evident and it always helps to have some basic guidelines to follow when you buy a home – after all, buying a home is the single largest financial outlay you might ever make.

Prior To Your Home Purchase

Be as realistic as possible when you consider your home purchase – there is more involved than finding a price that suits. Try to remain detached from any emotional connection when you look at homes in the beginning. Focus more on the location you would like to live in and determine the amenities such as schools and shopping, transportation routes to your job and access to public services.

Suzanne Bruinsma, REALTOR® | Real Estate In Cabo San Lucas | Email or Call:  909-266-0098

You will need to know the facts about expenses over and above your mortgage payment – property taxes, municipal services and hidden costs, perhaps neighborhood associations etc. Your REALTOR® will be a wealth of knowledge in this area so never hesitate to ask questions.

The time to buy a home is now. Buying a home when your employment is steady and you have a decent down payment is the opportune time. Real estate markets fluctuate but advantages in the market tend to even out over time so staying out of the market and waiting for an improvement will not benefit a buyer who intends to keep their home for more than three to five years.

Talk to  your Real Estate Agent concerning finance options in Mexico.  Your real estate agent can refer you to a quality lender who will explain your financial position entering the real estate market in Mexico.  There are also many Owner and Developer Financing opportunities.

Knowing Your Neighborhood Is Essential

One of the huge benefits of working with a reliable REALTOR® is the knowledge they have about the market they work in. You must acquire as much information about the area where you choose to buy and your REALTOR® will have the answers you need. You should do your own investigation into the community by speaking with other homeowners, local business owners, search for information online using street names and observe the area during the day and evening. This could be your new neighborhood so inspect it.

Knowing as much about your new community before you buy a home is only prudent. Ask your REALTOR® to introduce you to the district by touring the area with you and pointing out amenities, places of interest, schools, shopping, and places for recreational activities. When you find a neighborhood to your liking, the community awareness of your REALTOR® will be central to your buying decision so utilize their knowledge. They want you to be pleased and certain about your home selection. If you are looking for the perfect luxury home in Cabo San Lucas!

Suzanne Bruinsma, REALTOR® | Real Estate In Cabo San Lucas | Email or Call:  909-266-0098